Angus Young ‘Private Struggles’ Revealed To AC/DC Fans


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young has had struggles in recent years after the death of his brother and bandmate Malcolm Young, but Hugo Sepulveda recently posted on a secret AC/DC Facebook group that he is ready to return. An AC/DC member recently ripped an Angus Young ‘kicking out’ remark.

“Well, as you know a lot happened around the band the last years and especially around Angus…don’t forget it…for sure a lot have to be sorted out…private and band issues…and I think they are sorted.”

Bbill recently posted on Reddit, “Just found the original reel to reel tapes of AC/DC live at Donnington where I work…..”

Moraduke commented, “The concert that got me into them. I’ll never forget one of my old friends popping in AC/DC Live into his CD player driving in his car and me hearing Thunderstruck for the first time. As soon as I listened to that chorus, I was a fan for life. Still my favorite band to this day.”

10pmstalker added, “Reminds me of an acdc concert I was watching on YouTube. Bon Scott said, next we’re going to do a song from our upcoming album. They played Highway To Hell and the fans were pretty quiet as they never heard it before. Was quite a site to see.”

Brads_dragons said, “Wow! What a fantastic find!! I’m a huge AC/DC fan. I’ve seen them live 11 times and I live and breathe their music. I’m also a collector and would be interested in chatting with you about purchasing these from you.

I also happen to work in professional photography and videography and know people who could treat this film and possibly convert it to a Digital 4K Video format. Please contact me as I’d love to chat about it.” Angus Young recently broke his silence on AC/DC tour plans.

Just found the original reel to reel tapes of AC/DC live at Donnington where I work….. from r/ACDC