AC/DC Member ‘Rejects’ Brian Johnson Replacement


Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans recently posted a photo featuring the singer’s from AC/DC’s history, but noticeably absent was Brian Johnson’s replacement Axl Rose. An AC/DC icon just leaked a video of a bandmate ‘collapsing’ after jumping offstage.

Evans wrote, “Nice to receive this with the Welsh, Scottish and English flags of our different birth countries.”

A fan named Peter commented, “Glad you didn’t include Axl R Dave, can’t do with him….!!!!” Evans first responded with a smiley face, but then added in another message, “I didn’t make this montage, Peter. Nice to receive it though.”

CliffFINmark2 recently made a humorous post on about the rumored AC/DC 2020 tour, “When the speculations rockin’, dont come a knockin! We are back! Let the speculations continue: 2020 Autumn tour, they finally perfected Brian’s sound isolated singing booth and It is gonna be on – David Lee Roth kinda on!

AC/D.C. 2020 World Tour, Rock N Roll Orange Tour – The World Turns Orange: 40 dates like Brian thought RoB tour would be, 10 States – 20 Europe – 10 Asia/NZ/Auzzie, Opener: Diamond David Lee Roth and Dave Evans, Mr. spirit of the drum Chris Slade on the drums, Mark Evans on the bass, Simon Wright in attendance for one show, Big money, Set ends with FTATR, One non BB 80ties song added, Axl Rose on standby, This Forum collapses cause the traffic, Forum meetup a.k.a. moosefest 2020 held in Scotland with House band performing Mistress for xmass as It will be pretty near xmas.”

Ianbigmac responded, “Re 40th Anniversary of BIB I don’t want Brian attempting songs on BIB that he wouldn’t have a chance in hell of singing, never mind remembering the lyrics or watching an autocue. The 40th Anniversary of a Top 6 best selling album of all time is a BIG deal. Don’t f*** it up Angus.” AC/DC recently confirmed their current 2020 lineup.