Eddie Van Halen Bandmate Leaks Painful ‘Treatment’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen bandmate Sammy Hagar leaked a new hair treatment photo, which surprised many of his fans on social media. Hagar said, “Blondes really do have more fun #nomoregray #heavymetal.” Sammy Hagar recently called out a ‘drunk’ Van Halen member.

Shelleymahonwooldridge commented, “Love going in for the ‘foil-head’ treatment! Welcome to the family Uncle Sam!” Hagar responded, “Wtf.” Miss_charlotte_louise said, “My hubby and I have hair dates. 28 years together, if I color my hair so does he.😉 💯😂” Hagar shot back, “Whooh!!! And then what.”

Urban_cleaning_ commented, “Omg that’s so cool of you I am a licensed cosmetologist I would freak out if I could do your hair.” Hagar responded, “Come on now I’m looking for a deal.” He added, “On my hair coloring. Damn that place is expensive.”

Jextermorgan said, “My dad always called me ‘SAMMAYYYY’ because growing up I had hair just like you. Embrace your lion 🦁” Hagar wrote back, “I’m trying to embrace yours because it’s 70, I decided to do it’s own thing 😂😂.”

Karen.taugher wrote, “They do!!! I will be looking like you tomorrow – getting mine done tomorrow – best feeling ☀️☀️☀️.” Hagar responded, “Hopefully you will never look like me ha ha Ha.” Kingoftheglades asked, “Do the curtains match the drapes???” Hagar answered, “@kingoftheglades Oh hell no Yin and yang😂.”

Kim.bell wrote, “Let’s see the after pic!! Come on!!” Hagar responded, “@kim.bell Nope nope nope never never never you will never see a picture of me again.” Melanie.richard.14224 said, “I’ll happily take that gray off your hands Sammy! Wish mine would get gray lol.” Hagar shot back, “Be careful what you wish for because it will.” Sammy Hagar recently dropped a heartbreaking Alex Van Halen bombshell.