AC/DC Icon Leaks Sad Bandmate ‘Collapsing’ Video


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has uploaded a new video from a Chris Slade Timeline show where his singer Bun collapses in the audience after a failed stage dive. AC/DC recently confirmed their current 2020 lineup.

Slade wrote, “Bun’s stage dive in the finale! At Butlins Great Rock and Blues Fest Skegness last Sunday!! ⚡”

Sally Newhouse commented, “Very well caught! I mean your footage Colin, not the audience who dropped him. I’ve not checked my footage yet, but think I caught him flying over my head. 😅”

TryioToast posted on about AC/DC’s plans for a 2020 new album and tour with Brian Johnson and Angus Young reuniting, “Vinnie and I were talking just there and we agreed, it’s gotta be around Back in Black’s anniversary or when the hell will it be. This journalist may be reporting old news or maybe he has genuinely heard legit info but we, humble fans, can never really verify. Some people are optimistic and a guy many will know from facebook said ‘see you on the road’ but we have all heard this before.

Me? I’m just clipping my seatbelt in for the 32nd time in this whole never ending speculation storm.”

BrennaB said, “They don’t need to promote the album before it is released. I wouldn’t be surprised if we wake up one day and boom , new album released. A lot of artists are doing that. Eminem just surprise released one a few days ago. He went live for like one minute just to stream Alfred Hitchcock in an interview or something and I was watching it thinking, wth is this?

I went to his page and he posted like 10 min prior that a. Ew album was available for download. His previous album was released the same way. Beyoncé’s last 3 albums were a surprise drop, Rihanna also did it. I’m sure there are others. I honestly don’t think it would make a difference in sales with acdc. Their fan base are pretty loyal.”

CantEvenFeedMyCat responded, “From what I remember, Heatseeker and Thunderstruck were released as singles only a week before their albums. So dropping a single late February followed by album early March is easy to do. The question is will they record a video for a single? And how long do they need to produce it? And will it involve a live audience?” An AC/DC member just unloaded on a vicious Axl Rose insult.