AC/DC Member Reveals Disturbing Health Secret


Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans was interviewed by Neil Turbin of The Metal Voice recently and discussed a variety of topics. AC/DC Singer Reveals Why Angus Young Is A ‘Recluse’. Here, Evans reveals the relationship he has with members of AC/DC and touches on the health issues of Malcolm Young. Alternative Nation transcribed Evans’ comments. An AC/DC member recently unloaded after revealing a terrible paycheck

Trubin: Another question was, in regards to the relationship ever since you left AC/DC. I mean, have you talked to the guys ever or any of the guys in the band?

Evans: Yeah, some of the past members I have. Colin Burgess is one.

Trubin: So the [Young] brothers, no conversation?

Evans: No but I am very close friends with Malcolm’s son, Ross and I sort of knew what was happening with Malcolm [his dementia] before it became news around the world. However, I didn’t say a word to anybody about it. I just kept it secret. [inaudible] through Ross. So close to him.

AC/DC are rumored to tour with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams rejoining the band, for a new AC/DC tour and album in 2020, after photos leaked of the trio recording with the band in Vancouver last year. An AC/DC member revealed why Angus Young is a ‘recluse’ just yesterday.

Inferno pleaded to Young to make a comeback in a new post, “Dear Angus, we are bored as hell over here in the fans forum. We have discussed every album for the umpteenth time. We’ve got nothing left to talk about that hasn’t been rehashed to death. Please release some new music, or even some old music. Throw us a bone. Give us something new to geek out on. We are withering on the vine. Help! Thank you.” An AC/DC member called out a big name drug breakdown at a restaurant a few days ago.