Slipknot Defend Big Name After Gross Michael Jackson Claim


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has defended Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special ‘Sticks & Stones’ after it has received backlash on social media for Chappelle defending the late Michael Jackson after two men accused him of raping them as children on HBO’s Leaving Neverland. Chappelle was also accused of homophobia and misogyny. In Slipknot news, the new Slipknot member’s identity was confirmed by his mother yesterday. Vice wrote, “You can definitely skip Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special ‘Sticks & Stones.'”

Corey Taylor responded, “It’s actually pretty fucking good.” Taylor posted a couple of days ago, “In the future we’ll all wake up, be given a list of shit to be offended over, jump online & rage-post, until we’re finally herded into our ‘boxes’ to be manipulated by our overseers for better output. Or maybe some people need to grow up & save the outrage for real issues.”

A Slipknot member’s wife unloaded on Corey Taylor ‘lies’ over the weekend. A fan named Keiken responded to Taylor’s tweet, “Ok but who are you to decide what someone should classify as a real issue? If it affects someone its fair to call it real.”

Taylor shot back, “There’s always one…”

Keiken then wrote to Taylor, “I just asked a simple question, no hidden agenda or disrespect behind it. If we don’t question things we’re no better than puppets serving those very overseers.”

Taylor said, “Jesus Christ this is part of the problem.”

Keiken asked, “Care to elaborate?”

Taylor responded, “Instead of realizing this is just a statement about this platform and others becoming echo chambers for outrage, whether hollow or not, you decide to become offended that I think I should decide what’s right and wrong.”

Sad Gal wrote to Taylor, “Of course Corey Taylor is an anti-PC prick lmao.” Taylor responded, “Being PC doesn’t mean being overly sensitive to certain shit that doesn’t necessarily need to be met with outrage. I don’t know what your idea is of me, but you’re barking up the wrong tree.” Corey Taylor recently revealed the bold truth about Mick Jagger.