AC/DC Rumored To Fire Member After Arrest Bombshell


It appears that Phil Rudd is indeed back in AC/DC after a photo surfaced yesterday from his daughter of him at an airport, which means he will be replacing Chris Slade, who would quietly be dismissed by the band after rejoining for the ‘Rock or Bust’ world tour. Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are also rumored to be rejoining Angus Young and Stevie Young.

After Rudd dealt with legal issues a few years ago, AC/DC Fans administrator Jem posted, “My understanding is that Phil’s travel issues visas/waiver of ineligibility are sorted and that he has left NZ a few days ago. This is another positive sign for the faithful.” This is a bombshell, as it means Rudd is legally capable of traveling for a tour. Rudd was charged with attempting to procure a murder, threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis, following a police raid on his home in November 2014. The charge of attempting to procure a murder was withdrawn the following day, and in April 2015 he pleaded guilty to the remaining charges, with the exception of one of the two threatening to kill charges, which was dropped.

Brian Johnson’s stunning remark after being fired from AC/DC in 2016 recently surfaced. BrennaB said on AC/DC Fans, “This is definitely current. I mean Lucia is still in High School. She wouldn’t be posting Black Ice era stuff in her stories yesterday.
Stories disappear in 24 hours and historically, people only post current stuff in their there.

This was less than a second of video. It was like she was posting it on the sly, and effectively saying to all of us ‘I know something you don’t know.’

She knows people watch her page for any clue. That was saying something without saying something. What she is saying I have no idea, but this is definitely new.”

RNRDamnation chimed in, “Inferno, people thought the Instagram story video wasn’t recent, so I allowed myself to look at his shoes and date the video. That isnt being obsessive, it’s called being observant and solving a puzzle. Idk why people have to say that kind of thing when they get their questions answered. Idc about telling anyone that I did that, it is what it is. Jem speaking on the Rudd situation is very pleasant news, but in Jem’s own words….gotta SFC.” A stunning new photo of Brian Johnson was released last week.