AC/DC Terrible Reason For Firing Brian Johnson Revealed


Yesterday, we reported for the first time what Brian Johnson told Jim Breuer after Jim had leaked Johnson’s feelings on his 2016 AC/DC departure, and Breuer quoted verbatim what Johnson told him. Breuer feared that by opening his mouth, he had ruined any chance of a reunion.

Breuer also discussed the reasons behind AC/DC dismissing Johnson at the time and replacing him with Axl Rose. Below is a quote from Breuer just after he revealed Johnson’s quote on the Appetite for Distortion podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks.

“To hear that was something, I just think about it now and my soul just dropped. It’s bad enough for me to live with that, but if that got out there, the fear of what might have happened.”

He later said, “You’ve got to think of where he’s from. Even though his ears were out, and they were like, ‘Listen, it ain’t working, we’ve got to move on.’ It was already done, there was nothing I could have done to prevent that. There was zero I could have done to prevent that. But when you hear that, if that’s the way he’s thinking, that’s enough to be devastating.

Just the fact that he thinks that, he might have been on the plan of, keep in mind this just happened, the wounds are still open, so the fact that he’s in this scenario and in his mind, maybe he’s going, ‘Alright, I’ll go through months, I’ll get my ears fixed, and I’ll go back to sessions, I’ll start singing, I’ll work my way back, and I’ll get back, but now that you said some crazy stuff, I may not get that chance.’ Technically, now he’s back, which is amazing, and now I can honestly say [exhales].” An AC/DC family member recently reacted to tour rumors.