Adam Sandler Dated Smashing Pumpkins Member


Adam Sandler is someone who has kept his private life more private than most celebrities. For the most part, the only time that we get a glimpse inside his personal life is when he’s making shots on the basketball court. To add, he does extremely well at hooping. That said, when it comes to Adam Sandler’s dating life, there’s really not much that is the focal point other than who Adam has been with for many years, his wife, Jackie Sandler.

Recently, some news came out which pertains to Adam Sandler, Hole, the Smashing Pumpkins, and SNL. Truly, an odd blend, but it’ll make sense soon.

In the 1990’s, Adam Sandler was on top of the world of comedy with Chris Farley on SNL. As they still do; SNL had weekly musical guests. The producers would set up dates of the cast with the musical guests, so they would all get a good vibe from one another. On one occasion, Melissa Gaboriau Auf der Maur and Courtney Love would be on one of those double dates with Sandler and Farley.

Melissa Auf der Maur was active with the Pumpkins in 1999 and 2000, and Hole before that. She would state that her and Adam had a great time while Courtney Love and Chris Farley on a double dated and would wildly dance through the night with one another. She would also state that it truly was a great time.

This comes to us from Melissa herself on Instagram as she welcomed back the return of the classic rock publication: “Creem Magazine”. ‘Creem’ is available to subscribers digitally and in print. The current edition of the magazine brings “The Hole Truth” – an exclusive feature showcasing select photos from my photography archives of life on the road with Hole and The Smashing Pumpkins in the ’90s.

Check out what Melissa fully said below.