Aerosmith Member Stunned By Disneyland Arrest


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s bandmates in the Joe Perry Project were once ‘busted’ at Disneyland and arrested in Florida according to singer Cowboy Mach Bell in his new book titled ‘Once A Rocker Always a Rocker: A Diary.’ Perry must have been stunned by his bandmates wild antics, unless he maybe partook in a little bit? An Aerosmith member going broke on tour was revealed yesterday.

Bell wrote in an Amazon description of his book, “We tour three countries in three days, go to bizarre parties, get busted in Disneyland, hook up with Playboy Bunnies, get arrested in Florida, destroy hotels, watch ourselves on MTV, count our change for food, laugh our butts off and rock the house every night.

This is a fast moving, authentic account written as it went down all around me. Inside scoops, weird stories, salacious scandals and hundreds of astounding tales. How they all fit together in the Project’s story of survival is a dramatic and virtually untold chapter in rock history.” Steven Tyler’s girlfriend recently revealed what Tom Petty did to her.

Black911 reacted to news about Bell’s book on the Aeroforce forums. He wrote, “I know Joe has had 3 or 4 singers. I have never been impressed by any of them. You would think it would not be so hard to find someone who can sing and has stage presence. I have seen this video before even though I did not know it was him, but it is painful to watch him.”

An Aerosmith member’s reaction to his bandmates quitting was revealed earlier this week.