Aerosmith Member Stunned By Bandmate Quitting


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry fired Joe Perry Project singer Ralph Morman in 1980 after he was allegedly unreliable due to issues with alcohol, and he was replaced by Charlie Marren, who lasted until 1982 when the whole band quit including Marren. Cowboy Mach Bell became the new singer, and he has published a new book titled ‘Once A Rocker Always a Rocker: A Diary.’ Steven Tyler’s girlfriend revealed what Tom Petty did to her yesterday.

A description of the book by Bell states, “On the Road with The JOE PERRY PROJECT in the Big 80’s. The Untold Story, Unveiled in Amazing Detail. I was 29 years old in February 1982 and living in my parents’ basement. I worked at my father’s stereo shop.

A week later I unexpectedly became the lead singer of a famous hard rock band. Suddenly I was touring America and preparing to cut an album for a major label. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry needed a new singer for his Joe Perry Project and I got drafted.

For me it was like winning the lottery. Much better though, because lotteries only pay cash. For the next two years I would be experiencing things in life that money just can’t buy. Living on the road with a beloved rock star, playing adventurous, unbridled hard rock on big stages to young crowds, signing autographs, finding romance and partying with my idols.”

Perry later reunited with Aerosmith in 1984, getting clean and sober, leading to Aerosmith’s most commercially successful period. Steven Tyler’s family confirmed an emergency room visit earlier this week.