Alice In Chains Reveal How New Album Will Be Grunge Return


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed Alice In Chains’ new album in a new Good Celebrity interview (via Loudwire), and he revealed that the band will return to the home of Grunge, Seattle, to record their sixth album.

“We are just gearing up to make a record. We’ll be moving up to Seattle in about a month and record the record over the summer out there in the same studio we recorded our third record in. So it’ll be kind of fun — go home, make a Seattle record. Hometown boys in a hometown studio,” said Cantrell.

Cantrell added that the band will stick to their trademark sound. “Hey, this is what we do,” says Cantrell. “At this age, I can’t really do much else. So we do us, and we’re lucky enough to be able to have the opportunity to still be doing it and making good music and having a good time.”

He also discussed Alice In Chains’ loyal fanbase, “We’ve got really great fans that have been with us through all the years and all the changes and if you’re really lucky as an artist you can make music that transcends generations and keeps moving on, so no complaints.”