Angus Young Reveals Blatant AC/DC Ripoff


With the rise of the internet has come the rise of scammers and hackers from all over the world. Just when we thought it was all just local phone calls and weird text messages to our phones that was taking place for the hacking; we have come to find out that huge bands such as AC/DC have also found themselves at the mercy of these hackers as the band recently spoke about on their Instagram.

Thankfully, no hackers or scammers have come directly at AC/DC or any of their members or crew, but sadly, it seems that fans are the ones who are getting the brunt of it all. In a recent Instagram post, the entity that runs the AC/DC account warned all of their followers that they could very well get scammed.

In the post, the page owner pointed out that the ticket site by the name of ‘TicketBande’ were the scammers. The page didn’t go into much detail on why the site were full of scammer or what they were doing that raised some red flags, but after a quick search through the AC/DC forums we ended up cracking the code.

One user on stated: “Interesting that this site appears to be a legit ticket website so are they speculating on AC/DC touring or have info? I noticed this when clicking to purchase a ticket – ‘You can buy a registration voucher for 100 Euros at Ticketbande. With this voucher, you will receive AC/DC tour dates as soon as they are public.'”

That seems a bit mysterious to pay that much just for a notification IF AC/DC confirm a date in your selected area.

The post continued: “‘The voucher fee will be fully credited to your account when you order a ticket for AC/DC at Ticketbande. Currently, no other venues, dates and ticket prices have been set. You can choose a voucher of a possible city with our providers getting your tickets for your desired location or for the location closest to your desired location as soon as the dates are known.’ So you are basically paying for a ticket alert!”