Axl Rose Called Ugly By Big Name At Concert


Guns N’ Roses frontman <a href=””>Axl Rose was insulted by popular Texas attorney Ryan Clinton after watching him performs at the Austin City Limits Musical Festival, “Axl Rose has not aged well.” Rose gave a stellar performance at ACL, despite Clinton’s insult! Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich dropped an Axl Rose bombshell yesterday.

Pedrolg posted on regarding the ACL performance, “Saw some videos, and he does sound noticeably weaker, with some hints of Bridge School at some points. The big difference from previous concerts in such a short time indicates some specific issue like a cold or something.

Tbh I think the obsessive discussion and derision of Axl’s looks and weight that relentlessly takes over threads in this forum has reached disgusting levels. It’s frequently toxic and weirdly obsessive, while full of arguments that make absolutely no sense. There are loads of fantastic singers that are overweight through their whole careers, and singers who look fantastic for their ages (Bon Jovi being one of them) that have absolutely obliterated their voices. There is zero correlation.”

Axl Rose was filmed throwing an instrument at a recent Guns N’ Roses show. Voodoo Child wrote, “I really dont care about Axl’s belly and I also think this shit is tiresome. The girl said it was gross to see an old dude dancing? Really? WTF?

And about Frank: he plays like he should for the most part. I don’t recall that much people talking about him before, it seemed to get a lot worse since Slash and Duff came back. Saw a lot of people blaming him for the sped-up tempo in the songs (but they’ve been playing like this since 2001). And IMO, there’s a lot who just dislike his tone or feel, but that doesnt make him a bad musician (IMO, miles better than Matt Sorum). Brain never played YCBM’s intro properly and didnt get that much shit.” An AC/DC member recently revealed if he hated playing with Axl Rose.