Jimmy Page Brutal Attack At Concert Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page using an ‘intensity’ of an ‘attack’ at shows was revealed by The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman in a new AL.com interview. Jimmy Page recently revealed if he’s finished working on music.

“It was all about the approach and what was motivating him, you know? He plays like a guy who’s still trying to find something and the intensity of his attack. And I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed it like this to anyone before, I’ve thought it, but I just related to it. I related to the nonstop intensity even when he was seemingly laying back and getting out of the way.

Nothing was done by chance. There was always intent. Every note matters. And in my playing, if I’m playing a straight beat that never deviates through the song. Every single stroke takes on a tremendous weight, just in terms of how important it is that every one be great, you know?”

A Led Zeppelin icon recently rejected a big name replacement singer. Jimmy Page recently wrote on social media, “On this day in 1969, I played Carnegie Hall with @ledzeppelin. Travelling en mass, Led Zeppelin managed to miss our plane out of Heathrow, so we caught the next available flight which got us into New York just a few hours before we were due to play this prestigious venue.

Nevertheless, we played a blinding concert but this was the one and only time we ever got to play Carnegie Hall. Originally I had been led to believe that Carnegie Hall was owned by Dale Carnegie of ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ fame, it turns out that this was not the case but he did once rent it for one of his lectures!”

You can read the full Steve Gorman interview at AL.com.