Slash Brother Leaks Horrible Axl Rose Wig Photo


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s brother Ash Hudson, who is also a very talented photographer, has shared a photo of Axl Rose and Slash wigs that he founds at a Halloween costume store. He wrote, “I think I just found my outfits for the GnR Vegas gigs nov 1-2 R n F’n R.” Axl Rose was called ugly by a big name at a recent concert.

Guns N’ Roses played at the Exit 111 Festival in Manchester, Tennessee over the weekend, and fans had high praise for Axl Rose’s performance on “Locomotive.”

Rovim posted, “Axl sounded pretty good on Locomotive here. Bit more power in some sections. Got confused and didn’t sing the hey HEYYY hey thing after the last “take a closer look I’m not to blame” and also his timing was off at one point in the song but nitpicking.

I love how Richard moves when he’s playing this song. Maybe it was just the clip I was watching but I think Melissa should be higher on the mix on the chorus, will be more powerful imo if it was like in the studio version with the same melody sung with 2 octaves, the low and the high one.

Every Loco outro is different live. This one was cool but I prefer the opening notes of Slash’s outro from the previous performance. Still, this is great. I really want to attend a show where they play this tune.”

A Metallica member dropped a bombshell Axl Rose video a few days ago. ironmt wrote, “Certain songs are down right dreadful, such as November Rain, YCBM, Estranged(which kills me because I would love to hear some rasp in the second part of the greatest GNR song of all time) Rocket Queen and KOHD. Locomotive Is actually a vocal highlight of the show. Can’t get enough of It.”

GordonComstock said, “I agree it’s a vocal highlight, but it kind of reminds me of There Was A Time in that it seems to take him a few lines to get comfortable with it. It sounds like he rehearsed it maybe 2-3 times with the band, but that actually works to his advantage because he doesn’t revert to his ‘comfort zone’ of mickey vocals as much, and once he gets going it’s kick ass.

Axl’s deep voice sounds great on this song, I kinda wish Melissa and Duff were louder in the mix at times tho but that’s just a nitpick lol. Would be cool to hear Melissa do the ‘Love’s so strange…’ outro vocals while Axl does the ‘hey-hey’s’ and stuff.” Axl Rose threw an instrument at a recent GNR show.