Axl Rose Crazy Young Woman Demand Photo Leaks


Guns N’ Roses have some loyal fans, but an Axl Rose die hard named Karen is crazy brave, as she had the courage to tell Axl after GNR’s show over the weekend at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles that she wanted a tattoo of his signature. She lifted up her shirt, and Good Guy Axl granted the request, signing her back.

Guns N’ Roses fans had positive reviews of the Palladium gig, GNR’s first 2019 performance. They also loved Axl Rose’s surprising new haircut! gcluskey wrote, “Doesn’t sound too bad. Hair looks good. Here’s an interesting fact, hair grows. Cutting hair helps keep it healthy and helps regrowth. Keeping hair in cornrows for years will do some damage and hair thins out with age anyway. Cutting it short is a good idea. Looking forward to the tour. Hardschool (the first new Guns N’ Roses reunion song) will appear at some point I’m sure. Would love Breakdown or Don’t Damn Me on the setlist. Still would love Steven back but I’m enjoying GnR again and they’re back to work.”

When a fan asked why Melissa Reese is still in Guns N’ Roses for the new 2019 show, Bitchisback posted, “So basically she is there to add layers of sound to the live show. She might play along with the songs on her keyboard or trigger the electronics and synths depending on the song.

It isn’t uncommon at all for bands to play to backing tracks today in music. In fact more bands play with backing tracks than play purely live, especially in giant arena/stadium shows. The difference is with GnR instead of playing to backing tracks they actually have somebody up on stage playing along to the songs to give them a much more layered and enhanced feel.

Long gone are the days where a guitarist plugs into a Marshall and that’s what you get man. I actually really respect that GnR puts somebody on stage to perform this shit live rather than running it through a protools rig from the side of the stage.” Axl Rose’s ex-wife recently broke her Guns N’ Roses silence.