Axl Rose Doctor Heartbreaking Diagnosis Revealed


David Spade revealed that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose’s doctor said he hurt his knees and ankle after a fall at a show in Las Vegas, though in his joking tone, it sounds like the fall wasn’t anything that serious. Slash reportedly bought a ridiculous car for his son in a photo.

Spade said on his television show, “Axl Rose is recovering after a nasty fall during a show in Las Vegas. Doctors say the fall damaged Axl’s ‘sha na na na na, knees, knees.’ And his ankle.” Axl Rose said himself after the fall on November 2nd, “Thank you for all the best wishes and, if I hadn’t had the boots, the straps n’ everything I do for my ankles it would’ve been worse.”

GNR fans recently discussed the band’s chemistry onstage. Studdedtires posted, “Just happened to be watching YouTube and SMK’s live concert in Sydney. All the band members are interacting with each other. Jamming together, leaning on each other etc… Guns used to do this a lot. It seems that Axl merely does “I’m behind you” taps to the band now, and that’s it. Maybe reading too much into it, but it looks like they barely give a fuck about each other.”

A Guns N’ Roses producer ripped an Axl Rose performance earlier this week. Slash787 responded, “The chemistry of Axl, Slash and Duff is still much better than what Axl had with his hired hands. Slash’s band is really amazing, they sound so awesome, due to whatever reasons Steven or Matt could not be there with GNR, they should have taken Brent Snape Fitz instead of Frank Ferrer.”

berserk114 wrote, “When I saw them Axl went up and was trying to tickle Slash while he was doing a solo for KOHD. they interact a lot still, Axl puts his arms around Slash and Duff all the time and duff gave an interview saying Axl is always telling jokes into the mic just to the band fucking with everyone. Axl looks and acts a lot happier then he has before.”

L3sPau1 chimed in, “I think as someone said earlier, they’re older and not going to be jumping off of amps and doing hokey ’80s choreography etc. (yes, I know Slash jumps off the stairs and monitors every show). They’re playing together and hanging in there together. They’re adults with families, and it’s a business. Let’s leave it at that.” Howard Stern recently revealed that Axl Rose lost thousands of dollars.