Guns N’ Roses Producer Rips Axl Rose Performance


Guns N’ Roses producer Bob Ezrin apparently wasn’t actually a producer, according to a new alleged Reddit post about working on Chinese Democracy in response to a hater who blamed him for problems with the album. Slash’s ex-wife revealed a deadly health scare a couple days ago.

“I never got to work on the album. I met with Axl twice: once at around 2:00 am to listen through to everything they had done (which I was allowed to take with me on CDs so I could listen more carefully and more consciously). And the second time a few months later when Axl told me he was ready to start mixing – a position I told him I disagreed with and withdrew. I had copious notes on the material but he never saw them. He was convinced he was ready and I was absolutely convinced he was not.

The only material effect I had was to get other people to focus on what had been happening, and the money they were spending, out there in the Valley in their years of sessions, and to getting the project moved to The Village Recorder and closer to the label so they could keep an eye on it. As it stands, that didn’t help much because it took them 7 or 8 more years to finish during which I had zero contact with Axl.

So ‘the guy who produced The Elder’ is not responsible for holding up that project.

Bob Ezrin.”

Axl Rose was called ‘pudgy’ by a famous actor last week. This matches up with Ezrin’s comments in a interview, where he said he was brought in to listen to material but Axl Rose kept avoiding him.

“I had to wait to talk to Axl because he avoided me. He was nervous about hearing what I had to say.”

“I went to the restaurant at 8 and a team of Axl supporters and hangers-on showed up and joined me at the table – and no Axl. Axl finally came about 8:25 (laughs). Anyway, I told him basically what you’ve heard. I didn’t tell him ‘you have 2 ½ songs’ and when he sat down, he started saying to me that he has finished the record. And I said ‘Axl, we are not ready to mix this record. This record isn’t ready to be mixed.’

I said ‘there are two great songs on it and I know that you’re capable of more, that’s the reason why I’m here. You’re such a great talent and I would do you a disservice if I didn’t tell you the truth, which is that most of the songs aren’t great. But I‘m very happy to help you get there and I believe that it’s possible, if you would like to continue to work on the record, to make it better.’

He said, ‘I don’t agree with that. We are ready to mix.'” Slash’s girlfriend revealed a creepy Axl Rose photo a couple weeks ago.