Brian Johnson Refuses To Admit If AC/DC Have Retired


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson asked Dolly Parton on his AXS TV show ‘A Life on the Road’ if she would retire, and when Dolly turned the tables on him and asked if he was retiring, he nervously laughed. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. An AC/DC 2020 world tour was confirmed by a rock icon on The Howard Stern Show last week.

Brian Johnson: There’s few of us lucky enough, you what you’ve done.

Dolly Parton: And you.

Brian: and you’re still going out. I’m not even going to ask if you’re going to stop, because that’s the stupidest question I could ask.

Dolly: No, I couldn’t stop. It is a stupid question, so why even ask it?

Brian: It is a stupid question. Don’t ask that question!

Dolly: Are you retiring? Are you going to retire? No! I wouldn’t even know what to do, I don’t even know what that would mean. I can’t now, because I make a joke, but it’s a real truth. I can’t quit because I dreamed myself into a corner, I sung myself into a corner. I have to be responsible for all these dreams of mine that have come true. I have to go to Dollywood, I have to be part of that. I wake up with new dreams every day, as I’m sure you do, just like this thing you’re doing now. You’re doing this show, and you’re great.

AC/DC member debated drummer Chris Slade’s playing on the last tour in a new discussion. An AC/DC surprising lineup change rumor was revealed yesterday.

BallToucher posted, “It’s been said 2000 times, he played as he was told to. Also, he’s like what, 70? Give the fucking guy a break.”

900 responded, “Lol, Angus Young didn’t tell Slade to play the songs the way he did. He might have given him some instruction in some way, but not to fuck up the uptempo songs to the extent they sounded like a shuffle, totally ruining them.

Being 70 is not an excuse. You play with the greatest rock band in history, you’ve got to deliver, or expect to face scrutiny. I have nothing against the guy.” Brian Johnson leaked an awful contract demand last week.