Freddie Mercury Sleeping With Bandmate Wife Claim Revealed


Freddie Mercury recently wrote about Freddie’s relationship with Sonja Kristina, and why it is a lie that she was Queen bandmate John Deacon’s wife and that they had an affair. Freddie Mercury breaking up with his girlfriend photos were revealed a few days ago. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

“I met Freddie Mercury because I wanted to record my own solo album after Curved Air had broken up. So, I asked Roy Thomas Baker who produced Queen -I ran into him at a social gathering and I think Freddie was there too- if he would produce an album with me and he said he would.

He asked me to work on some tracks together, three tracks and he took them to the record company he was working with then, but they didn’t fit them up and he left to do a different project, but he financed my band, Escape, to go on tour, so that was a good thing. (Freddie Mercury having a health scare after a fight with a boyfriend was recently revealed)

I learned a lot about how Freddie worked, that he was very much perfectionist, that he prepared things for quite long before he goes in the studio and he was ready to record. I think Freddie had a fantastic voice. He’s one of my heroes. He was a fantastic performer. Extravaganza and big energy.” -Sonja Kristina

P.S. So this was the story behind a much misunderstood photo. The woman next to this gorgeous 70s Freddie is neither John Deacon’s wife nor Mary Austin or some “girlfriend” or an anonymous fan. It’s singer and actress Sonja Kristina who considered Freddie as one of her “heroes” and rightfully so 👊 “perfectionist, fantastic voice, fantastic performer, extravaganza and big energy” not to mention the most gentle soul who would do anything for you too.

An interview with Sonja Kristina from on December 2018. Freddie Mercury calling Jimi Hendrix ‘attractive’ was recently revealed.