Axl Rose Reveals Terrible Slash Bathroom Photo


Axl Rose‘s longtime Guns N’ Roses tour manager Del James has revealed a new photo of Axl, Slash, and Duff McKagan’s bathrooms. Axl and Slash’s bathrooms are not right next to each other, with Duff between them. A Motley Crue member discussed a Guns N’ Roses member that Axl Rose fired yesterday.

Del James said, “And you thought this rock & roll thing was all glamour…”

Eddie Trunk appeared to criticize Guns N’ Roses’ current tour on a recent episode of his SiriusXM show. Tom 2112 reported on, “Mentions long guitar solos, and bands covering The Who instead of playing their back catalogue. I mean it sounds like he called gnr out, in everything but name. He did just watch them at Exit 111.

Also, I heard him respond to a caller who went and was disappointed about the opening night of the current tour, saying it was the first time he was completely underwhelmed watching GNR live. Eddie basically said, they shouldn’t be playing gigs and working kinks out when the ticket price doesn’t reflect a lesser show. They either can play at a consistent level on night 1 as they do on night 20, or don’t charge as much until they can. Sounds like he has a few opinions, and he’s not putting them totally on blast because he still wants that interview.”

Slash recently abandoned a “November Rain” Guns N’ Roses performance. The Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite for Distortion has uploaded a new episode as well. The episode description states, “Guitarist Dan Estrin joins us to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hoobastank’s sophomore album The Reason with a multi-format reissue that includes five bonus tracks. Dan also reflects on touring with Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, and how the bands treated him.

Then we’re joined by Brett Buchanan from Brett and Brando give their review of Austin City Limits weekend 2 and discuss a GNR fan getting banned from shows.” Slash called out Rock and Roll Hall of Fame disrespect last weekend.

Listen to “Dan Estrin talks Hoobastank and Scott Weiland | Ep. 151” on Spreaker.