Axl Rose Throws Microphone At Guns N’ Roses Fans


Axl Rose reportedly threw his microphone at a Guns N’ Roses show in New Orleans over the weekend. Keyser Soze praised the performance on, and said Axl shouldn’t be blamed for the incident. Axl Rose and Slash’s bathrooms were revealed in a photo last weekend.

Soze wrote in a review, “Here is my stance on the covers argument: I agree, some of these songs maybe should have been dropped by now. But for whatever reason they keep playing them. But if this is what we get, so be it. The covers in the encore maybe were overkill, yes. BUT, apparently Axl said Seeker was an Audible and that they ‘called a quick team meeting and we are going to play another song.’ So we could have left with 24 songs instead of the 25 we got, and that means you can tell they were having fun and wanted to stay a little longer.

As for the sound/timing/band issues, I honestly think this is Guns N’ Roses in its final form. This band is just SO good. So f***ing good. Everyone around me was into it the whole 3 hours. Not many acts can do that these days, trust me.

I think this show will go down as one of those secret gems that people who were there will remember forever. Axl sounded great. The whole band was having fun. Theres not much more you could ask for. There may never be a bootleg or full videos from this show thanks to the rain, but that is what makes it great. Those who were there know!

Slash and Matt Sorum revealed heartbreaking Scott Weiland photos yesterday. Soze added, “To address the Axl being angry incident, Axl chucked his regular mic into the crowd as the band left the stage after Paradise. When they came back on stage after to do the bow, there was no 2nd mic.

Axl was looking around like a mad man for a mic and he finally found one and it wasn’t turned up so he threw the mike towards stage left and then walked up to the front with the rest of the band, bowed 2 times, then took his hat off and threw it stage left as well. Seems like it was just a situation of trying to get a mic in a small amount of time and he couldn’t.

Oh, and uh. I have a friend who was backstage and sent me a picture of the unedited setlist with the alts on the bottom. As of last night, Hard School is still on the alt’s setlist backstage and not presented to the public on social media. I think we can stop considering it a troll at this point.” A Motley Crue member revealed they sold alcohol to a Guns N’ Roses member last week.

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