Bill Murray Savagely Disrespects Eddie Vedder In Photo


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder was recently hanging out with Pearl Jam photographer and ‘Let’s Play Two’ director Danny Clinch, and Murray hilariously grabbed his ears as Eddie was pulling him away. Clinch wrote, “#groundhogday #billymurray #eddievedder @pearljam @cubs.”

Eddie Vedder faced criticism from some fans for playing a corporate gig for a private jet company in Miami on Super Bowl weekend, and for flying a private jet to the show.

Get_Right posted on the Ten Club board, “The band and Ed opened up to corporate cash years ago. When did they headline Oracle World? Awhile ago. Thank Napster. Super bowl weekend is a huge cash grab for performers. He probably got $500k for that set. Good for him, he deserves it.”

cblock4life said, “Please stop. You’re talking about an individual who appears to bare the weight of the world on his shoulders. And it is a fact that the band has given back to humanity way more than the rest of us and to be blount those negative remarks sound like you’re jealous. I’m all about monitoring carbon footprints but you’ve got to know the band listens to us, the one ticket purchase change is a perfect example. How disappointing it must be that there’s so much negativity in the forum. Just please stop.”

MakingWaves wrote, “What have I done to make a difference and how does that compare to the person I’m about to complain about? This is what I would ask myself before posting negative comments that are basically just thrown out there to make you feel better about yourself or to make yourself appear to be more than you really are to people in a forum.

Most people can see through the fake bullshit, so give it a rest. Make a difference yourself and don’t worry about others actions. So I will see y’all in St. Louis! I’m flying there and can’t fucking wait. If I could afford it, I’d fly a private jet and circle the arch a few times for a good look at it.”

LindaMarie73 concluded, “It would be nice then for the people who go to ROCK concerts for a release from all the ugly politics going on in the world and not have to listen to a out of touch rock start barf out all the political non sense he often does. He will definitely hear it from me from my GA spot in St. Lousy if he attempts to mention climate change.” Eddie Vedder’s wife dropped a Pearl Jam retirement bombshell recently.