John Lennon Family Calls Out U2 Singer Bono


John Lennon‘s son, the incomparable Julian Lennon took to social media to showcase this stunning photograph of U2 frontman, Bono. Julian took this elusive photo of Bono pointing towards the light at one of his recent shows. Lennon informed everyone of the photo’s status with this update on his Instagram when he wrote that the photo, which he has dubbed ‘Starlight’ has sold for a hefty sum. The son of the Beatles’ icon wrote: “‘Starlight’ Sold! 10k to Captain Planet!John Lennon ‘cheating’ on wife confirmed by family.

In other news regarding John Lennon, fans recently took to social media to reflect on one of John’s most signature albums – Imagine. One fan wrote: “The absolute highlight of this music is John’s voice without reverb. Although the original songs are wonderful, they sound so fresh and modern with Lennon’s natural voice replacing all the echo. There are at least 15 “raw” or stripped-down versions and they sound like John just came out of the recording studio to record them this week. The remixes sound wonderful but this is like the Double Fantasy Stripped Down release from a few years ago: John’s voice without reverb is more personal and more powerful. Great work, Yoko for making this happen!” John Lennon’s son just revealed if he hates “Hey Jude.”

While another fan said: “This is an excellent release, after years of remasters, remixes, and repackaging. Yoko and co. Finally hit paydirt! This is exactly what a John Lennon fan should have in a release.. a fresh, new mix, loads of demos, outtakes, and alternate versions, and excellent packaging at an affordable price. There’s a lot of great music here, music fans haven’t heard before, even though we know the songs. I hope there are many more like releases in Lennon’s catalog in the years to come! Thanks, Yoko!” John Lennon walking the streets before his shooting with a woman was revealed in a new photo.