Billy Corgan Wants Smashing Pumpkins Bassist Reunion


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed that he wants to reunite with ex-bassist Nicole Fiorentino. Corgan dismissed Fiorentino and drummer Mike Byrne in 2014, seemingly on good terms with Nicole. A fan asked Corgan a few days ago, “Would you work with Nicole Fiorentino again? Loved her style!” Corgan responded, “Of course.”

Another former Smashing Pumpkins bassist revealed a reunion photo last week. Corgan’s firing of Mike Byrne though seemed more tense, as he said, “Let’s just say that Mike, like Elvis, has left the building.”

He also said, “Mike Byrne has taught me a lot about his generation. And watching the twitch up close, the ADD of it all, I’m starting to understand what he found boring about The Mighty SP. He wasn’t wrong. But he also wasn’t right, too.

Because the way to replace something is to best it, not join it’s shallow-pool ranks. And great musicians like MB are capable; if they are willing to stop looking into the shiny sun and wonder, quite rightly, what lies on the dark side of the moon.

Imagine this: was the deco world of the 30’s any less bright to that generation? Great art movements came, but also too the set-up for world war. How so? Light meets shadow. See? Or shadow meets light.

And where there is glittering, yet false *illumination, we (the collective We) must destroy it by being more real, more true, more-more. It works every time IF you can pass the muster of your own oblivion; or yawn. Mix that with kinetic, electric, hyperbolic punk rock I-don’t give-a-fuck-how-you-do-it and maybe, just maybe, someone wakes the fuck up from that coma they’re in. Repeat, generation. Repeat.”

Corgan also recently reacted to news that The Smashing Pumpkins had 246.2 million Spotify streams in 2019, with 22.6 million listeners. This comes a year after Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin reunited for the ‘Shiny and Oh So Bright’ North American arena tour.

Corgan said, “Friends, these @spotify numbers for 2019 are insane. We at SP Headquarters can only thank you for supporting us and our music, 31 years and counting. I’m truly humbled…WPC.” Billy Corgan reacted to criticism of Chris Cornell’s widow earlier this week.