Keith Richards ‘Abandoning’ The Rolling Stones In 2020 Leaks


The Rolling Stones are working on a new album, but according to a new rumor, Keith Richards chose to record new parts in Los Angeles recently, rather than in London with bandmates Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood. Keith Richards’ daughter just revealed an ’embarrassing’ rejection photo.

GeorgeLicks reported on, “The sessions were through all the year(s), the last one in November, I’ve been told, but never with the full band, Keith did some work on his own in LA and Mick/Ronnie some work in London too, Charlie’s parts are already done for a while now.

There are enough songs to fill 2 or 3 albums of new material, more than 30 basic tracks are in the can, but it looks like they only want 10 good ones, a 35-40 minutes solid short album.

Of course, they can release 5 different versions of the album with different bonus tracks on each ones, so the die hards would have to buy the same album 5 times to get all the songs, but the basic 10 songs album is the main goal and they want that to be a very strong one.

The chances for the new album released this year is BIG, according to sources in Universal,

When? Well, if they bundle the album with the upcoming US tour the sales will be good there, over 500k with album/tickets/merch combos, but not so good in the rest of the world, sales are very poor in June/July.

A late 2020 release makes more sense, sales in November/December are much bigger but the impact without a tour in support is limited (see the Who’s latest album, it went 2-90-194 in the US chart) so all the options are open to discussion.” Mick Jagger ‘abandoning’ The Rolling Stones was just revealed.