Black Sabbath Icon Sold House After Going Broke


Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has been an integral part of the legendary band, though he had a fallout with the bandmates and split from them in 2012. A band sometimes go through a lot of ups and downs since after its inception, especially if they are together as long as Sabbath were. Ward now now revealed how they had to go through a rough patch financially in the past, and how he sold a house to get through it. A Black Sabbath legend has also revealed a humiliating paycheck.

Bill Ward reveals why his house was sold

Ward recalled the struggles with Black Sabbath financially in a recent interview conducted by Metal Hammer. Bill remembered one of his biggest regrets regarding his work in Black Sabbath. He revealed that he sold ‘a beautiful house’ and that still remains to be his biggest regret in his life. Here is what he explained:

One of my biggest regrets was I sold a beautiful house, because we needed to raise money to pay for the album ‘Heaven and Hell.’ Getting a big house and farm after growing up in Aston felt like a big deal. But the band came before everything else and we needed money at that point to move on to the next thing.”

The “Heaven and Hell” album marked one of the biggest changes for Black Sabbath. Not only did they bring in Ronnie James Dio, but there was a clear change of musical style, with the record being praised as one of their greatest even to this day. Speaking of stylistic changes, Black Sabbath experimented even during the Ozzy era. As Bill explained in the interview, taking risks was important:

“I love what we did in Black Sabbath. We took risks – we dared to move away from our slamming stuff and play acoustic parts. We might then follow that with ‘Symptom of the Universe’ but back then we were always stretching further.”