Bono Calls U2 Bandmate A ‘Bad Man’ In Awful Video


U2 frontman Bono jokingly called fellow bandmate and original guitarist for the group The Edge a ‘bad, bad, man’ during a meet and greet with fans at the Mt. Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. One of the fans who happened to have met Bono posted the altercation. You can view it below. Bono was devastated by this tragic U2 car accident recently.

In other news about U2, fans of the group discussed their 2017 track, ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’ on the U2 subbreddit. The song was off their Songs of Experience album. U2 awful ticket sales at this concert were revealed the other day.

Ill_Made_Knight wrote: “I initially hated the song when it first came out for being too pop-like and bland. It’s grown on me as time has gone on and I find it quite catchy now. As you mentioned I like the major key with the sad lyrics about self-destruction (e.g. “the best things are easy to destroy.” “You’re the best thing about me. Why am I walking away?”). Probably one of my least favorite songs on SoE but I don’t think it’s their worst.”

A U2 member made a painful rehab revelation not too long ago. Han_dies_01 proclaimed: “I actually love this song. I still think that this is a song about the US / “America” disguised as a love song to Ali. OR at the very least (like many U2 songs) the lyrical ambiguity is intentional to allow it to apply to both. Given the references to the US in ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ and the direct address to the US in ‘American Soul’, I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘You’re the Best Thing About Me’ was intended, at least partially, to reference Bono’s (or the band’s) growing unease about the US.”

The user concluded: “The fact that the video is staged as the band hanging out in / enjoying New York, to me, further supports that interpretation.”