Metallica Member Unloads On Impersonator Ripoff


On Twitter recently, original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney revealed how he recently became the victim of social media identity theft. McGovney stated that someone has been going around Twitter, using his good name and impersonating him. This Metallica icon called out this James Hetfield ‘fraud’ recently.

This Metallica icon revealed a ‘wasted’ James Hetfield photo recently. The one-time Metallica bassist tweeted out: ” I changed my profile photo because someone started a fake account pretending to be me. I reported it to Twitter. I am trying to get my account verified, but they may have that service on hold for now. Here is a photo of the false account.”

Luckily McGovney was able to get the account removed from Twitter. However his quest for the mythical blue checkmark on Twitter has been less than successful as he later stated: That person’s fake profile has been, deleted , but no blue check mark for me.


In other news revolving Metallica, fans of the group discussed how the band figuratively saved their lives in a new topic on the Metallica subreddit.

Cptnathh responded: “I’ve struggled with the black dog my whole life. Metallica has always been my go-to when I needed a lift At the start of this year I made an agreement with myself that I wasn’t going to let the dog control my life anymore. I sought professional help. Exercised my mind every day with mindfulness meditation. I worked out. A lot. Lost 30kgs and have toned the fuck up. Through it all, I listened to Metallica. I got myself the best fucking tickets right up the front for their stadium tour. While I worked out I watched/listened to every live video of them touring almost going with them as they slowly worked their way towards my pocket of the world. They were the soundtrack to my internal revolution. Then James had his own demons to address and pulled the pin on the Aussie tour. I was gutted. The soundtrack to my revolution never met its crescendo. It actually sent me off course for a good month until I realized that it wasn’t Metallica who guided me through this internal revolution. It was me. I’m back on track now and hope James is also.”