Bono Confirms ‘The End’ For U2 After Huge Tour


Bono and U2’s wildly successful ‘Joshua Tree’ tour continued and took stop in Mumbai, India recently, but the band have confirmed that the tour for the classic album is finally ending. called it ‘the final show’ of the tour. He said, “Tonight is the last night for The Joshua Tree tour.”

It was here where Bono and company would pay tribute to many female icons of the city including Union minister Smriti Irani, author Arundhati Roy, journalist Gauri Lankesh among others. U2 would also acknowledge the contributions of women heroes outside of India for this concert as well as the group focused on the brave and stunning Greta Thunberg. Bono drops horrible U2 hiatus bombshell recently.

Bono stated: “When women feel safe at homes or walking on the street, that’s a beautiful day. When sisters around the world are in school like their brothers, that’s a beautiful day. When women of the world unite to rewrite history as their story, that’s a beautiful day. To rewrite history as her story- that’s a beautiful day,”

Bono’s offensive’ woman remark at U2 show were revealed. The U2 frontman then continued, discussing how he and his bandmates have fallen in love with the country by saying: “It took us only four decades to come here! India, what a country! Tonight it’s going to be the best ever show. We have fallen head over heels in love with India.“Our prayer for the evening is for an epic night of rock and roll which transcends beyond. We come to India as pilgrims. We are students, you are our teachers,”

In other news revolving Bono and U2, fans took to social media to reflect upon the aforementioned classic album ‘The Joshua Tree’ and it’s legacy, as well as it’s impact. One fan proclaimed: “The music quality speaks for itself. Never in my wildest imagination did I imagine hearing a version of this wonderful album sound this good. The upper midrange emphasis of the CD release is gone. yes…there is bass on this album and now, on this beautiful vinyl release, we get to hear it! If that’s not enough my copy at least has very quiet surfaces!!!! IF you like The Joshua Tree, just pony up and get this vinyl. It is a whole new experience of the album!”  Bono recently apologized for this horrible U2 show mistake.