Bono Apologizes For Horrible U2 Show Mistake


U2 singer Bono apologized to fans for the band making a mistake and not letting all fans into a recent show in Manila on time. What a nice gesture from one of rock’s greatest icons!

U2start tweeted, “Bono acknowledging it took a while to get everyone into the arena, but promises it will be U2’s best show ever played in Manila. Bad luckily made the setlist tonight! #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019.” A fan named Kristelle had tweeted, “Bono please do not start without us!! There are still alot of people outside the Arena ☹️ @U2 #TheJoshuaTreeTourMNL.”

Bono looked sad at a restaurant in a new photo. U2 fans discussed early band mistakes on Reddit a few days ago. Axsel posted, “Anyone else think Boy has some mistakes? I have no idea why they say that, it’s my favourit album and i don’t see any absence, I love all the tracks of the entire album.”

MSingH92 responded, “There’s a lot of production “mistakes” that we’ve grown accustomed through on that album, and that’s nothing new of things recorded in three 80’s. No take was ever really “perfect” so they leave into takes where everyone sooner the best even if there were a few “mishaps” that sounded cool. But that’s what people tend to like with music, making it feel more realistic and relatable – even though production has trended towards “needs to sound perfect” ever since then.”

Turgon19 said, “I think it’s one of their best albums, but the sound production does feel very low and Bono’s vocals were very… different back then. I think he still sounds good and it fits the youthful energy of the album though. I guess those are the reasons why they see it like that.”

MaineRoadFan wrote, “IMO, the only song that comes close to being a mistake is Shadows and Tall Trees. It feels so different to the rest of the style, there’s nothing clear about it and it goes on for too long. The bad didn’t think highly of it and stopped playing it live before the album was even released.

That being said, it is by no means one of their worst songs. It’s listenable, interesting and isn’t offensively bad (like Elvis Presley and America, Miami, Is That All and half of experience).” Brad Pitt looked ‘miserable’ at a U2 show last week.