Bono Drops Horrible U2 Hiatus Bombshell


The official U2 fan Twitter account for, the oldest continually published U2 website recently tweeted out shocking news pointing to the belief that, according to unnamed sources from within the band that U2 will be working on new material. To do this, however, they will be taking time off from touring and being on the road. You can view the tweet below. Bono’s offensive’ woman remark at U2 show were revealed.

Finally, we’ve been told by a couple of our most reliable sources that the band will take some time off to work on some albums before we see them again on the road. Expect this to be a break for a bit, but there are plans to go back out when they have some new material.

In other U2 news, fans recently took to social media to reflect on the legacy and impact of one of the group’s most signature albums – ‘The Joshua Tree’. One fan wrote: “Having won best album for the Joshua Tree, this album is the peak of U2’s career, more so than All That You Can’t Leave Behind. In fact, those who only know U2 for that album should really give the Joshua Tree a listen. They will find that All That You Can’t Leave Behind is a mirror of this album, with similarities throughout. Starting with The Unforgettable Fire, U2 began a maturing period where more than politics went into their music.

The growth culminated in the Joshua Tree. Some argue that this was their first non-political album, but that is not true. The key difference is that U2 expanded their ability to put emotion behind the politics in a sense disguising it. The politics of Africa and Central America permeating through poor areas vs. richer North America. Tracks such as Where the Streets Have no Name, Bullet the Blue Sky, and Mother’s of the Disappeared. The big achievement is the solidarity the group has made. I appreciate the ability to make what you want.” Bono recently apologized for this horrible U2 show mistake.

The fan continued: “Where the Streets Have no Name is my favorite song of all, but mostly because I like to think of it as heaven. The rest of the album goes the same way often leaving various possibilities for the meanings that can make a lot of people happy. Overall, this is the best U2 album ever and is the basis for albums such as the recent All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Enjoy” Brad Pitt looked ‘miserable’ at a U2 show not too long ago. Brad Pitt looked ‘miserable’ at a U2 show not too long ago.