Bono Daughter ‘Tiny’ U2 Swimsuit Photo Revealed


U2 singer Bono’s daughter Eve has posted a new photo of herself in a black swimsuit. A ‘skinny’ Bono hot tub photo was recently revealed.

Eve wrote, “If you would like to see more of this kind of thing, PAPER YEAR is available on iTunes and On Demand NOW. Watch @jogia and I get married and royally f**k it up.. and other stories. 💍 Cc: @orchfilms @raddelman @jenifafa @paperyearmovie #paperyearmovie WATCH IT 🎬.”

Bono’s son Elijah has a band called Inhaler, and they recently announced that they will kick off a North American tour on April 25th in Washington DC.

MJsdanglebaby posted on the U2 Reddit, “They need to release an album. Something concrete, that I can sit down, listen, and get to know the songs. They have a demo and a few singles over the past 2 years. They’re not bad… Just… release the damn album.”

HanDies01 said, “This kid will forever be in his dad’s shadow. It’s too bad, the music isn’t bad. Nothing great, but not bad.”

Imagine talking to people after the show and all they want to talk about is your much more famous dad, though.”

hotsaucecommitteep3 wrote, “I mean that said, he’s lived a life of enormous privilege as a result of his dad. Never missed a meal, has mind-boggling financial means, probably has access to other hugely influential artists (and maybe even politicians) that the vast, vast majority lack. So don’t feel too bad.” Bono made a surprising U2 breakup claim last week.