U2 Singer Bono ‘Skinny’ Hot Tub Photo Revealed


Bono and U2 superfan MichaelRees84 took to social media via Twitter to showcase this provocative picture of the U2 singer in a hot tub smoking a cigar. The photo came with the following caption: ” Complete This Line ‘People who like U2 are….Bono makes stunning U2 breakup announcement.

To which various Twitter users gave very interesting responses to try and complete. TwytterName said: “As I’ve said before, I think Desire is the best single ever released. Three minutes of three-chord, old school, fire and brimstone rock n roll. Every album has a masterpiece on it. That said, I’m not actually a huge fan.”

While LadyLyke72 responded: “allowed to like whatever music they want to because it would be dull as hell if we all liked the same.”

U2 singer Bono caught in ‘drug bust’ photo. Davidkuenstle put: “Just fine! Pride (in the name of love) is one of the greatest songs ever written and performed live, so I will always be a fan. I love the early and middle stuff, saw them very early on, so I have great memories with them. I’ll leave it at that.”

In other news revolving U2, fans recently took to social media to revisit one of the group’s most popular albums – The Joshua Tree. One fan put: “I bought this album because I wore out my first copy of it. All in all, probably the best album U2 ever made in terms of song after song after song outstanding quality, musicality, and writing. Maybe I should stockpile copies for when this one wears out. Or maybe just wait for more changes in technology and have the songs on every possible medium.” Bono took off his pants in this sad backstage U2 video not too long ago.