Bono Kissed By Surprising Female Singer At U2 Show


U2 singer Bono is such a good guy he let the singer from Confidence Man kiss him on the cheek for a photo as they both held drinks in Australia as U2 tour the country. Confidence Man wrote on Twitter, “It’s a beautiful day @U2.” Bono revealed what he really thinks about Billie Eilish a few days ago.

With U2 riding high on tour in Australia, fans on discussed if a biopic could be next. Argo posted, “With Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman having been done, and I think Adam recently said it would be cool if a U2 biopic was ever done, what period of their career could actually make it work for a movie? They never had the issues that Freddie Mercury and Elton had with excesses etc (notwithstanding how historically wrong Bohemian Rhapsody is at times) that enabled those movies to focus on.

Maybe you could cover their beginnings, religious conflicts of the October era and through to superstardom of JT, the self indulgence of R&H and reach the climax of the film by focusing on the direction and whether the band will break up leading into Achtung Baby and finish with the start of the Zoo TV Tour.

Doing something with Bono’s activism is probably hard to make work, Adam’s drinking issues were mild compared to most rock star excesses and issues like tax residency are simply too dull. So, how could you do a biopic about U2?”

The Edge discussed if U2 are thinking about retirement in a new interview. Swimming Sorrows responded, “I’d follow a similar plotline to the From the Sky Down documentary with flashbacks to the early days of forming the band and personal events like Bono’s mother dying if they fit in somewhere.

The rockstar origin story has been done a number of times now, and U2 doesn’t have the “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” dark period to go into like Elton John and Freddie Mercury had. I think you could make a really good movie about the tensions within the band unit that arose during the making of Achtung Baby. Watching the band work through that and work out how to stay together while also making arguably their best work could be really interesting if done right.

The thing that makes U2’s story unique is that the band is really a family. If they do end up making a movie, it can’t just be about Bono in the way the Queen movie was about Freddie. It needs to be about the band as a family, and I think the Berlin sessions and the discovery of their new sound is the best way into that.” Bono apologized for a terrible U2 album release a few days ago.