Rush Fan Makes Sad Geddy Lee Alzheimers Claim


Rush frontman Geddy Lee was thanked by a woman whose husband, that Alzheimer’s was able to meet Lee during one of his most recent book signings the other day. The woman, named Leslie Wylie posted the following via her Twitter account.Rush singer Geddy Lee recently announced a huge movie.

“Alzheimer’s cannot take away Rob’s love for Rush Thank you, Geddy Lee, for bringing my husband back for the day. He cried tears of joy when we got in the car & said that meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to him.”

In other news regarding Geddy Lee and Rush, fans of the band discussed the merits of the group’s third studio album ‘Caress of Steel’, released in 1975 and it’s legacy in a new topic within the Rush subreddit. This Rush singer made a bold Rock Hall of Fame demand recently.

Googajub wrote: “I think it was poorly marketed. ‘Fountain of Lamneth’ is clearly six tracks in a theme, not one long track. It has clean breaks and ‘No one at the Bridge’ (4:19) could be a single. Listing it as one track was pretentious although they proved the concept on 2112. There’s a chrome version of the cover that’s more appealing than bronze. Just a great progressive metal album, post Tull, pre Metallica.”

FreelanceFiend314 said: “I like it more for what it started more than for what it is. ‘Bastille Day’ and ‘Necromancer’ are definitely good songs, but ‘I Think I’m Going Bald’ is pretty terrible(in my opinion) and ‘Lakeside Park’ isn’t super interesting to me. The Fountain Of Lamneth is cool, but it’s more of a prototype of what Rush is capable of. ‘2112’ and Cygnus definitely did the side-long song thing better. ‘Caress of Steel’ is definitely good, but it’s not really incredible. It’s probably one of the most important albums in Rush’s discography, simply because it shows the prog leanings they would later completely embrace.Geddy Lee revealed this 2020 tour offer the other day.