Bono Unloads On Terrible U2 Album: ‘I’m So Sorry’


U2 frontman Bono, in a new interview with India-based publisher The Bombay Times, addressed the group’s 2014 album controversy revolving their 2014 studio album, Songs of Innocence. The album was released to all iTunes Store customers at no cost and was exclusive to iTunes, iTunes Radio, and Beats Music until October 13th, 2014, when it received a physical release on Island and Interscope Records. U2 singer Bono recently apologized for this horrible sexist remark.

Speaking about the experience, Bono said: “We had a hard time seeing why there was such a strong reaction. Some people I know were a little upset. We should have a minute’s silence for those people who saw this as an atrocity. I think the company was trying to be generous and so were we. It was a bit of an overreach on our part, so sorry about that! It was meant as a gift. People didn’t understand that they’d signed the consent. We should be careful when we tick boxes these days. You need to know what you sign up for because you may get something that you don’t want.”

In other news regarding Bono, fans of the iconic U2 frontman debated why some people could find him to be ‘offputting’ in a recent topic within the U2 subreddit. Bono called this U2 bandmate a ‘bad man’ in this recent awful video.

2HBA1 contested: ” Because he’s more talented, more famous, and more wealthy than they are and a better human being to boot. That’s just too much for some people. Not that Bono is perfect by any means. But he’s a basically decent person, with flaws and eccentricities and insecurities, who genuinely wants to make a positive contribution to the world. And has succeeded in doing so to an amazing degree. People are more tolerant of rock stars who either self-destruct, or are egotistical douchebags who screw over their family, friends, and business partners. Or both. Bono doesn’t fit the mold.”

Bono was devastated by this tragic U2 car accident the other day. MaddiRenee said: “Conservatives don’t like him for his “liberal” views and don’t like how he shits on [Donald] Trump. Everyone else doesn’t like it when celebrities are vocal about politics. They just want to be entertained without thinking too much about important issues, thus people like Bono are annoying. I know a lot of people are saying that he’s preachy, but I’ve honestly never thought that. His involvement in politics is something I really love about him and U2 in general. Same reason why I love Pearl Jam, I like my rock stars with a conscious lol. People my age (I’m 22) don’t like Bono and U2 in general because of ‘Songs of Innocence’ on everyone’s phones. That still annoys people even though it happened years ago.