Bono Reveals U2 Bandmate Toilet Video


Legendary guitarist of U2, The Edge had a little too much fun in his hotel room recently, more specifically in the bathroom as he came across a very tech toilet. Allegedly the toilet that The Edge was using, has flush less technology, heated seats, an auto-open/closed lid, self-cleaning wand, among a myriad of bells and whistles that would even make the most experienced traveler jealous. You can check out this incredible exchange in which the U2 icon is talking to a toilet like a pet below. Brad Pitt looks ‘miserable’ with Bono at this U2 show.

In other news regarding The Edge and U2 fans took to social media recently to discuss the legacy and the impact of the group’s landmark album ‘The Joshua Tree’. One fan wrote: “Where do I begin with this album? Do you know how you hear people make those “five albums I can’t live without” lists? This one would make mine. I wish U2 had pursued this style writing further but I’m kinda glad they didn’t because then this album might not stand out as well as it does. Now I’m not a huge U2 fan or overly obsessed with their catalog. A lot of it I can take it or leave it but not this one.” U2 singer Bono kisses David Bowie in recent leaked photo.

The fan continued: “Actually this and the live album Rattle and Hum should just be packaged together… Masterpieces in their own right. I apologize for going on raving over this but it simply does mean that much to me. From the first song to the last you can truly get lost in the music and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a feeling of disappointment when the album unfortunately ends. I’ll spare everyone a track by track style review but just because I’d have so much to say about each one. Luckily I finally was able to get my hands on the expanded edition and the other material is just as good. If you’ve never heard this album then you’re missing out on a truly one of a kind music experience.” Bono recently was caught ‘breaking the law’ at U2 concert.