Van Halen Icon Brutal Gene Simmons Shot Revealed


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently posted a photo with a friend in a KISS shirt with one of the hashtags being: ‘#What’sWithTheKissT-shirt😂’ Gene Simmons recently took a shot at California bands like Van Halen in comparison to United Kingdom bands. A new article called out Simmons for shortchanging bands like Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses, but he doubled down on his opinion. KISS are currently on their ‘End of the Road’ tour, while there have been rumors of a Van Halen reunion tour with the lineup featuring David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Eddie Van Halen, and Alex Van Halen.

A Simmons fan named wellsmichael416 commented, “Don’t knock the Kiss shirt!”

emf_1177 responded, “@wellsmichael416 Agree! And it’s classic retro. Not quite sure what’s on @sammyhagar ‘s shirt though. 😃”

tom_brown1968 chimed in, “@emf_1177 it’s Kurt Cobain LMFAO. On @sammyhagar shirt. #cobainshirt.”

Sammy Hagar then wrote, “@wellsmichael416 ok ok I get it just saying😂”

Hagar wrote in another recent post, “My favorite Saturday morning breakfast. Two eggs, half cup of half-&-half pinch of salt, pinch of nutmeg, Level teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon quarter teaspoon vanilla. Slice day-old baguette 1 inch thick, soak on both sides, medium high heat couple tablespoons of high heat coconut oil or oil of your choice, put it in the pan shake it to keep from sticking.

When it’s golden brown or darker👌 Flip it over do the same. Butter, syrup or jelly of your choice #enjoy #upforbreakfast #frenchtoast #goodmorning #arewehavinganyfunyet #badassrecipe.”

A Van Halen icon recently made a heartbreaking Jimi Hendrix claim. Hagar also posted a new car video from hanging out with Green Day drummer Tre Cool, and fans quickly pointed out that he can’t drive 55.

“Always fun driving Kari‘s car and hanging with Tre and Sarah Cool. The hardest part is leaving #toomuchfun #ferrari #vintage #1984 #3o8gts.”