Green Day Member Caught Wearing Horrible Wig


Green Day drummer Tré Cool recently took to social media via Instagram to reveal this darling Halloween photo of himself, wife and child in this circus-inspired getup. Look at the absurd yet clever wig that Cool has on, isn’t it charming! The Green Day member wrote: “Happy Halloween! Circus style.” This Green Day family [was it Tré Cool’s?] made a painful rehab announcement recently.

In other news regarding Green Day, fans took to the band’s subreddit to debate whether or not Green Day’s debut album entitled 39/Smooth released back in 1990 could be considered the group’s greatest album of all time. Green Day made a ‘final’ show announcement for a big name not too long ago.

Fellow Reddit user MetaI stated: “This isn’t my favorite Green Day album, but it holds a very special, nostalgic place in my heart. There are a lot of great songs on here, and along with Dookie it most reminds me of my mid-teenage years. Surprisingly, I think it’s a lot more consistent than a lot of other Green Day records—going down the track-list I’m not finding a lot of songs that I usually skip. Also, for years I’ve believed that The One I Want is their most underrated song. If I was going to rank it relative to other Green Day albums, I’d put it somewhere in the middle.

Green Day recently reacted to a heartbreaking Eddie Van Halen photo. Theatheist858 replied: “I always go back and forth between this and AI [American Idiot] as my favorites. I think in terms of writing quality, depth and meaning AI is objectively better, but in terms of my personal favorite, it’s this. 39 has a sort of charm that I can’t explain, and it always cheers me up when I’m down. Also, it feels so relatable as a teenager with teenager experiences and problems.”