Mick Jagger Devastated By Terrifying ‘Sad News’


The Rolling Stones frontman

Mick Jagger has confirmed that former Cream drummer Ginger Baker has died at 80. He said, “Sad news hearing that Ginger Baker has died, I remember playing with him very early on in Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated. He was a fiery but extremely talented and innovative drummer.” Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend calling out a disgusting Keith Richards rumor was revealed yesterday.

tatters posted on the Stones board IORR.org, “Ginger Baker and Buddy Rich were the two greatest drummers I ever saw in person. And I saw them on the same weekend! Ginger on Friday and Buddy on Saturday, at My Father’s Place, a little club on the north shore of Long Island, back in December of 1983. I’d rate it a draw, though I’d hasten to add that Buddy was 66 years old at the time, while Ginger was only 44 and could still really play.

And with Buddy playing big band swing and Ginger playing blues and Cream covers, I was more predisposed towards liking Ginger’s show to begin with. I remember during Buddy’s set, someone mentioned that Ginger had been there the night before, and Buddy said “Ginger’s good.” That’s all he said about Ginger, but considering he once said Ringo was “merely adequate, nothing more” having Buddy say that you’re “good” was the highest praise.

The Rolling Stones member who rejected a massive Led Zeppelin offer was recently revealed. DaveG responded, “Wow, you lucked out seeing them both on the same weekend! I have one of Buddy Rich’s cd’s in my car. I can’t remember the title of the album but there is magnificent jazz flute on it. But it got me thinking about Buddy’s style vs. rock drumming. Technically, I believe Buddy was the greatest drummer ever. He was an absolute perfectionist. He demanded perfection of himself and, of course, demanded it from his musicians. His rants to his band members are legendary. He was one of a kind. I know he had a general disdain for rock drummers. Frankly, I don’t think most of them were in the same league as Rich. But, we are talking about two different styles of music.

I think Ginger stands alone atop the rock drummer list, just my opinion. He was just a monster with Cream. We who lived back then and were into rock hadn’t heard such a powerful rock drummer up to that point, at least I hadn’t. So, it is kind of sad to hear of his failing health. A lot of people don’t get to 80, so he was able to live a relatively long life. The sad part is his bitterness and estrangement from his family. Who knows what the reasons may be. But when we get near the end, the most important thing, IMHO, is family and the love of your children, grandchildren, spouse, etc.” Keith Richards’ daughter is ‘in love’ with an old rock icon.