Brian Johnson Makes Terrible AC/DC Cancer Revelation


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson admitted to making a bad remark about cancer when told he was having bad hearing issues that led to his 2016 departure from AC/DC. Johnson made the comments in an interview with Dan Rather on The Big Interview on AXS TV. Brian Johnson broke his silence on an AC/DC bandmate he has reunited with yesterday.

Rather first discussed losing part of his own hearing during the Vietnam war, and he asked Johnson how he faced his issues in 2016, though Johnson seems to be improving now. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson’s remarks.

“The first thing is when you are actually told that. The first thing I did was I went outside to the car and I looked down and just went, ‘Alright, it’s not cancer.’ Which is a stupid and morose thing to say, but it was the only thing I could say to make myself feel better.”

Johnson added, “Then I think it was the loneliness, and the sitting at dinner tables and just starting to nod, and just go [fake nods]. It’s hard.”

An AC/DC member was photographed drinking in a bar a few days ago. Johnson is rumored to reunite and tour with Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams in 2020 and to release a new album. The surviving ‘Back in Black’ members reunited for the first time after Malcolm Young’s death and the departure of 3/4 of the classic remaining band in fall 2018 to record in Vancouver, with multiple photos leaking.

AC/DC have remained silent since this leak, though they have celebrated the 40th anniversary of ‘Highway to Hell’ on social media this year, with a big ‘Back in Black’ 40th anniversary celebration rumored for next year, which could be the impetus for the AC/DC reunion. An AC/DC icon reacted to a rock icon’s horrible car accident a couple of days ago.