Brian Johnson ‘Refusing’ AC/DC 2020 Offer Revealed


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson is reportedly refusing to do interviews where he discusses the future of the band, according to SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s remarks when a fan told him he should call and ask for an interview about the rumored AC/DC reunion tour. A big name singer revealed a cryptic photo to AC/DC fans a few days ago.

“That’s not a bad idea, it’s not crazy because I do have his number and I would absolutely call him, and thank you for the suggestion. But here’s the deal, I know for a fact he is not doing interviews right now. Here’s the other deal, if Brian Johnson were to do an interview with me, right now, something tells me that he would be under specific orders to not talk about what’s going on with AC/DC or the future of the band. I will go out on a limb here and say in that interview with Dan Rather, it’s probably highly unlikely that Dan asked or was able to pry about the future of AC/DC.

Sometimes there’s those conditions put on interviews, ‘Well you can do the interview, but you can’t ask about this and you can’t ask about that.’ I hate when that’s the case, because it doesn’t do anything for you guys. If you take off the table the questions everybody wants answered it just leaves you guys angry because you didn’t get answers to what you want to know.

So when an artist wants to do press, and you can ask about things and they’ve got something to announce, it’s all so structure, it’s all so tiered. All these guys have people behind them pulling the string. Managers, agents, PR people, sometimes it’s way too much, sometimes it’s way over the top. You would be surprised how many people I know personally that I can’t just text or call to say, ‘Hey, why don’t you come on?’ Because then you get an agent or manager mad at you, because you did that, and it’s not the timing. Honestly, it’s ridiculous.” An AC/DC icon being ‘banned’ from performing with Angus Young was just detailed.