Chester Bennington Son Calls Out Widow Drug Claim


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington‘s son Draven, from his marriage with ex-wife Samantha, has ripped his father’s widow Talinda for claiming Chester stopped using his antidepressant drugs months before his death. Howard Stern made a bold Chester Bennington widow claim a few months ago.

Talinda said she questioned Chester about the medication when she saw he didn’t have any pills when packing for a trip, and that she knew it was dangerous. Draven posted a screenshot of a Rolling Stone article with the caption, “You believe this?”

Chester’s sister Tobi added to Draven’s statement, “Absolutely NOT!! Her quote raises more questions than it answers. @dravenbstudios I support you, we all support you!! Love you!!! Proud of you!!! ☮️💟”

She added, “I’m supporting my nephew’s @dravenbstudios original post. I’m proud of you for speaking out!! Love you!! Xoxo.”

Tobi also posted a screenshot of a comment, but without any context, and said, “Why would the kids’ trust fund have to pay for a memorial? Why wouldn’t Talinda use her ‘own money,’ which everyone knows is Chester’s money, to pay for a memorial? After all, she is his widow (as she wants all to remember her as).

Why not allow the fans to pay for a memorial if she’s too cheap? Why’d she have to derail last year’s fans’ attempt on GoFundMe to raise the money necessary to erect a memorial? Let her keep her ‘own money’ and step aside to let those who truly love Chester demonstrate their affection. #thetruthwillcomeout #celebratechesterslife #makechesterproud.”

Talinda Bennington recently married Los Angeles firefighter Michael Friedman. She said, “With joy and love I want to set something straight. ON JANUARY 4th, I wed a wonderful man, great friend, and son this weekend. We celebrated with all of our family and friends on the beautiful island of O’ahu. The day we chose was a day of meaning, in many different ways.”

She also responded to false rumors that the wedding was on her anniversary with Chester, “To make money off of a false headline should be criminal. SHAME ON YOU @TMZ and any other that has repeated the story.”

“My anniversary w/Chester, wasn’t my new wedding date.Jan 1st will always be the day I married Chester. I would never paint over that day with anything else To the tabloids who ran a false story, inciting misguided anger & pain,I ask you FOR WHAT?? To make money ??”

She also posted photos of Mike Shinoda and Ken Jeong at the wedding, “It was definitely a night to remember! We were all together again, but this time for a JOYOUS occasion. An occasion to celebrate the love and peace that we all bring to each other. I love my family!! And Ken, thanks for being a sport with the Hangover pics! Lol!”

Mike Shinoda reacted to Chester Bennington’s marriage a few months ago. Talinda discussed the 320 festival as well for mental health, “I co-founded 320 Changes Direction to cut through the silence of those suffering. The 320 Festival will shed light on mental health resources 2 normalize what we all go through.We aren’t alone & we can help one another.I can’t wait 2 announce the event lineup!”