AC/DC Icon Leaks Painful Photo Of ‘Dying’ Bandmate


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has posted a photo of Malcolm Young, who was dying as he battled dementia during Slade’s last tour with AC/DC in 2016. Slade wrote, “Rock In Peace. Malcolm Young born this day in 1953.” Brian Johnson ‘refusing’ an AC/DC 2016 tour offer was just revealed.

MyCubiclePenguin posted on about Rock or Bust, “It’s been five years. Hard for me to believe, as it was the first record they released in the time that I’ve been a fan. Even more difficult for me to believe is that it was the 2nd Brian-era record I ever listened to.

Looking at it, it’s a bit of an interesting record. I quite like BI despite the fact that some songs should have been cut, and feel that it displays some of the best tracks of their ‘later’ period, but ROB is lacking much of that specialness. If I had to describe it, I’d say that it’s consistently good – not great, but not bad.

I really just can’t put my finger on it, because the songs I’m hearing are good, but I have no desire to go back and listen to them. Songs like CSRAR have the exact opposite effect – I have a hard time saying that that song isn’t uninspired, but goddamn I love the feel on it, everything Mal and Rudd do on it is brilliant, and Angus’ solo is just so yummy and natural.

Speaking more positively, Brian sounds great, and though less powerful, has much more wetness and soul in his voice, and he sounds like he’s having fun. Essentially in line with BI, which is a good thing. Rudd sounds good to me, though I think the nature of the songs and the production don’t bring out the groove very well (which I would think is why some question whether it’s actually him or Slade).

Angus sounds great, but I wish his solos were less than 20 seconds long (which is a completely different topic). Cliff is louder, and is a key part of GSRNRT for example. Stevie also does great, but it saddens me whenever I envision Mal not being there.

As for the songs, there are a few semi-highlights: Play Ball is pretty damn good, Rock the House is perhaps the best display of rhythm on the whole record, and the melodies of GSRNRT are also a highlight for me (I’m prepared to be tarred and feathered).

All in all, it’s a fun record, but not one I go to that often. I’m pissed that I missed out on the tour, as it might have been my only chance to ever see them, but we’ll see.” Angus Young ‘auditioning’ a new AC/DC singer just leaked.