Maynard James Keenan Bends Over For Rock Icon In Photo

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Maynard James Keenan was photographed bending over at a recent Tool show to either smell bandmate Justin Chancellor’s hand, or to see what was in his hand. We have a full crack investigative team on the case. Maynard James Keenan was photographed screaming and crying in a diaper yesterday. We aren’t kidding.

klentslogan posted on Reddit about a recent Tool show in Arizona, calling it ‘the single greatest experience of my life.’

“Tool has always had a special place with me, connecting with their music in so many different ways. I attended the concert in Arizona last night, and as the title says, this is the greatest experience of my life. I wasn’t candy flipping, “opening my third eye”, drinking or smoking or dropping anything. I was riding the wave of pure human emotion. Not against any of it, just wanted to be present for the show, and remember it the next day and years to come.

The joy and excitement felt during the drive there and through the entirety of the show is something that has eluded me for a while now. I felt like a god damn child opening Christmas presents. A breathe of fresh fucking air. I was on the verge of tears the entire show. The energy the guys had during the show felt similar to mine, they were having fun up there, f**king Maynard was having fun performing…what a gift to witness. A System of a Down member joined Tool at a concert earlier this week.

The little stab Maynard made about just getting in from LA and then blowing our hair back with Ænima was hilarious, and how he told us we could ‘whip it out and play with it, touch it, shake it around’ when he let recording happen during Stinkfist. The back and forth between Adam and Justin’s screaming guitars, the free flowing adaption from some of the original songs played, Danny’s solo performance of Chocolate Chip Trip, I cant stop playing it over in my head.

My god how hard did Invincible hit last night?! And Intolerance, holy f**k. Wish I had the funds to travel to the remaining shows. I’m grateful for this experience and will hold onto it dearly. May we be blessed with another tour. Enjoy the upcoming shows, spiral out my friends!

P.S. I brought my girlfriend out who wasn’t familiar with tool (I know I’ve got some work to do) and every time she leaned over and said ‘I liked that part’ or ‘holy shit’ with a grin on her face amplified my joy 1000x. God damn Tool is good.” A WWE wrestler threatened a Tool member last week.

“whatcha got there, buddy?” from r/ToolBand