Courtney Love Reveals Metallica Singer Alcohol Photo


Courtney Love has posted a photo of Metallica singer James Hetfield and beer. She wrote, “Hole – Metallica – northern: sometime -veruca salt, beer , oh hey Lars . Tundra. đź’Ąforgot this existed.” Courtney Love revealed a painful recording featuring Chester Bennington yesterday.

WATTHEBALL posted on Reddit about James Hetfield, “What minor things do you wish Metallica would change for their live sets? One of my biggest gripes lately is how PG Hetfield has become. I understand he’s a lot older, wiser and Metallica is now a “family” brand but I can’t shake the feeling of how it seems like he’s talking to a crowd of elementary school kids sitting on the carpet for reading time. He plays and sings like I’ve never seen before so it’s just weird when seeing the complete opposite during the crowd banter. It’s Metallica FFS, rile the crowd up man.

Not necessarily a complaint, but I wish they’d shorten their shows slightly while putting more effort into the songs they play. A lot of the times it seems like they’re just rushing through the setlist. Again, I understand they’re older and all that but I’d rather have quality than quantity.

I know some people will rag on me bringing this up given Hetfield’s current situation but I’ve felt this over the last few years and has nothing to do with his current situation. Anyone else feel the same?”

A Metallica employee revealed earlier this week if he used drugs around James Hetfield. dmkolobanov responded, “The lack of cursing doesn’t bother me at all. He doesn’t censor the songs themselves. That’s the only thing that would bother me.

There are a few songs that I’d like to see them drop. Instead of playing Sad But True at every show, maybe have a slot that rotates all their really heavy songs. Thingy, Harvester, Devil’s Dance, and Dream No More could all be in that slot along with Sad But True.

Nothing Else Matters totally kills the energy in their encore. They start with a super fast and thrashy song, and close it with Sandman, another fairly high-energy song. But Nothing Else Matters in the middle just completely kills the energy. I get that it’s a super popular song, but I just think it’s really boring.

Finally, how come Fuel and Memory are the only songs that ever get played from the Load era? Fuel could get swapped for songs like Ain’t My Bitch or Wasting My Hate, for example. Maybe swap Memory with some other mid-tempo songs, like 2X4, Cure, or Thorn Within. And as previously mentioned, throw in Devil’s Dance in place of Sad But True from time to time.” Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich filmed a surprising video with Axl Rose singing last week.