Metallica Brutally Call Out Horrible Jason Newsted Lie


Metallica fans lashed out recently as the official Instagram of the thrash-metal legends posted a video of the group performing twenty years ago in Detroit to celebrate New Years’ Eve 2000. Various superfans of Metallica were quick to point out that Jason Newsted wasn’t in any of the shots! Metallica icon allegedly ‘busted’ with alcohol by cops.

Instagram user Josh_C_Denver wrote: “Did they cut Jason out from this video???” While kmilomillerockman questioned: “Where’s Jason?” and indra_itu_armand stated: “I don’t see Jason.” However, all of this was one big miscommunication as the official Metallica Instagram account responded and explained what exactly was going on. The account assured each superfan that the link to the full video is on youtube as well as linking to it in their Instagram stories – also assuring everyone that Jason Newsted did perform that night.

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of the group’s most classic albums – ‘Reload’. Metallica icon calls out ‘sloppy’ Dave Mustaine performance

One fan wrote: “This album rocks! It’s far better than Load. This should’ve been the album after 1991’s Metallica. It starts strong. Devil’s Dance instantly became my new favorite Metallica song. The Unforgiven II slows the energy down after the third track. Although not as classic as the original, it’s still enjoyable and has some nice vocals. It picks right back up with Better Than You, one of the four singles from this album!”

Metallica ‘lose’ singer after James Hetfield drama. The fan continued: “This is a very strong Metallica album. It’s unlike their early thrash days, but if you enjoy their black album, you’ll enjoy this. This was their modern sound in the 90s. It was surprisingly better than I expected; a lot better. Great album all the way through.”