Howard Stern Reveals Disturbing Bruce Springsteen Demand


Howard Stern discussed Bruce Springsteen on his show on Monday, and made a creepy remark. Dave Grohl revealed last year how Bruce Springsteen was involved in breaking his leg. recapped: Howard asked when Jimmy Kimmel realized his wife had smelly feet. Jimmy said it was pretty early on. Howard said if Beth had smelly feet he wouldn’t tell anyone. Jimmy said he tells everyone. He said he made an announcement. He said she acknowledges that she has smelly feet and he agreed. He said she’s always embarrassed by it. He said it makes him laugh. He was cracking up telling the story. Jimmy said he somehow brought it up with George Clooney and by the end of the night people were sniffing her feet. He said he thinks George sniffed them and his wife may have too. He said Jennifer Aniston may have sniffed them too. He said he was laughing so hard at all of that. He said after that she congratulated him on bringing that up. Howard said she should wear little socks. Jimmy said sometimes she does.

Howard Stern revealed who dumped Gavin Rossdale yesterday. Howard said how about a segment on his show where a celebrity comes in to sniff his wife’s feet. Jimmy laughed. Howard asked who he has on his show tonight. Jimmy said they have Bruce Springsteen on. Howard said it would be great if they had him sniff her feet.

Howard said he would love to interview this guy but he won’t do it. He said Jimmy knows why. He asked if he has questions for Bruce. Jimmy said he feels like he’s hard on himself. He said he thinks that Bruce is hard on himself and he wants to talk to him about that. He said he has a new documentary and he talks about each song on this Western Stars album he has out. He said he loves hearing the stories behind the songs. He said he hates when the performer says it’s up to you to figure it out. Howard said he doesn’t like that either. He said when he had Billie Eilish on the show she told him about what each song was about. He said you love to hear that. Robin said that’s why Bruce’s Broadway show was great. She said they learned where the songs came from.

Howard asked who he has on the rest of the week. Jimmy said he’s a big fan of Springsteen’s. He said he was thinking about if Bruce recycles at home. Howard said he would love to know. He said he loves the minutia of people’s lives. Robin said she can’t imagine him touching garbage. Jimmy said he probably handles a shovel. Howard said he just wants him to smell Molly’s feet.

Howard took a call from fake Bruce Springsteen who was talking about how he can’t wait to come in and smell Molly’s feet. He started to sing a song but Howard hung up on him.